Tuesday, July 22, 2014

OOTD: Army Strong | Style Sessions Fashion Link Up With Style Elixir!

     Hello lovelies! Today I am posting an OOTD (Outfit of the Day) for you all. This is an outfit I wore last week while running errands, shopping for groceries, and dealing with some quick business things. I wanted to call it Army Strong because of the top. The army shirt is from a thrift store and when I looked up the label, it turns out it came from Pacsun. Online, it was about $20, but I bought it at the thrift store for only $2! I then proceeded to hack off the sleeves and make the neckline a little lower to make it more casual and flattering on me. Since it was a cooler day, I was able to wear some leggings and those are from Forever 21 and then I added my white Converse to complete the look. My outfit would've been under $20 if it weren't for my shoes, but this is definitely a budget-friendly outfit. Here are some pictures below, but before you see them, I just wanted to say that today I decided to link up with Style Elixir because I really like her website, so check hers out after you see mine! :)

(Disclaimer: excuse my face in some of these pictures, I had come home from a really long day and I was running on an hour and a half of sleep. I tried to touch up my makeup to the best of my abilities but I think I still look tired; usually I do my makeup a little more intensely if I'm going to be doing a photoshoot or a video, but I didn't on this day.)

     So I hope you liked my Outfit of the Day and I would really appreciate it if you could hype it on Lookbook, the link is right down below. It'll only take a second and it would make my day. :)

     Thank you so much for reading & I'll see you lovelies tomorrow!

Annie ♥

Monday, July 21, 2014

Makeup Monday: The Red Lip

     Hello lovelies, today on Makeup Monday, we're going to be focusing on the red lip. The red lip is a timeless and classic look worn on iconic women such as Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe and now by anyone and everyone. It's a beautiful look in that it focuses on the lips with minimal eye makeup aside from a good liner and mascara. A red lip is such an easy thing to do, yet it instantly makes a woman look more put together, makes them look more attractive, and grabs the attention of people around you because of the use of such a bright color. I personally believe red lips are a makeup look that will never go out of style and looks great on everyone.

     Of course, the only problem with the red lip is finding the right one that compliments your skin tone because as we all know, the wrong red color can take you from looking glamorous to looking a bit off. The wrong shade of red can bring out uneven skin tone, make you look paler or tanner, and can even make teeth look less white and more yellow. Some tips on finding the right shade for you is to use your undertones as a guide. If you have warmer undertones, go for more orangey-red colors. If you have cool undertones, use more blue-red lipsticks. In addition, lighter skin tones shouldn't go too heavy on the red lip because it might make them look paler since it would such a stark contrast. On the opposite end, women with darker complexions can pull off darker reds and super bright reds.

Here's a quick guide to show which reds would suit warmer and cooler undertones:

I know I'm going to be using this guide because I definitely have trouble with picking out the best red lipstick and lipstick in general, haha.

     And lastly, what's the right way to do a red lip? Personally, I just put it on as carefully as possible and hope for the best, but I'm thinking about investing in a liner soon since I've been having the urge for red lips lately. So here's my quick checklist on how to make red lips look as good as possible:

  • Start with exfoliating the lips. That'll make any lipstick you apply look good.
  • Line all of your lips, not just the edges, with a color close to the shade of your lipstick. This'll help with lasting power.
  • Apply lipstick carefully. Red lipsticks are usually highly pigmented so making a mistake could be a little hard to remove. You can apply from the tube or use a lip brush.
  • Now blot with a tissue to get rid of excess product.
  • After that, you can do one of two things: place a tissue over your lips and apply translucent powder. Or reapply the lipstick again and use your finger to press on your lips and make the color sink in. Then you could lightly blot again if you want a more matte look.

So how do I look with red lips? Well, in this picture, I went for more of the slightly darker red lip. I'm wearing Rimmel's Kate Moss lipstick in color 107. It has really nice color payoff and staying power. It's available in drugstores so that makes it affordable and easy to access.

     I love the look of red lips. They pull together any look so effortlessly and instantly make you more beautiful. I think we should all have a those days where we feel more bold and put on a red lip. It's so easy yet it can add such a confidence boost.

     So thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it! Hopefully you're having a good day and I'll see you all tomorrow!

Annie ♥

Friday, July 18, 2014

Style Inspiration of the Week!

     Hello lovelies! Today I wanted to share with you outfits I've found online that have inspired me in the last week. On my computer, I have a a folder labeled "Fashion" where I save all the outfits I find online that I absolutely love. Of course, I do go through it periodically and delete the photos that don't inspire me anymore so then I'm left with only the pictures and outfits I love the most. Some photos I might have saved a year ago and some might be from last week. The point is that they are all outfits I would like to recreate or the photography/outfit is amazing. I think it's a good idea to have a folder of these types of pictures because then you can look through them and see one you like and try to recreate it from your closet or you can have those items in mind when you go shopping so you can buy those exact pieces or something similar. Knowing what you're looking for instead of wandering around for something to catch your eye definitely saves time when shopping. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite pictures and outfits this week!

Definitely a mix between fancy and casual because of the loosely tucked sweater into colored shorts and the strappy heels, watch, and earrings.
The pop of color in this top screams summer.

I feel like I could definitely recreate an outfit similar to this.

Absolutely love this dress.
I love the juxtaposition between fancy and dressed down and I want everything in this outfit.

     I feel like I have an eclectic style (which will probably be shown more as I do more of these posts) so I'm always feeling lots of different kinds of vibes. I think I do have a certain look but I'm always switching up what I want to wear. One day I might be in the mood for a dressy top and skirt, another day I might go for a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I'm sure there must be a lot of you who do that too. I don't think I've quite figured out my style yet, but I'm still young and experimenting and I'm definitely having fun with it.

     These pictures all happened to be from lookbook.nu so you can check out that website if you want to. I think it's an amazing website that has all types of styles and it's basically all street style, created from  people just like you and me. You can check out my Lookbook profile here. I don't have too many outfits on there right now, but I plan on posting a lot more often.

     So that's my style inspiration for the week; I hope you all enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you all next week!

Annie ♥

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weekly Playlist: Mark Wilkinson + Tori Kelly

     Hello lovelies, today on my Weekly Playlist, I wanted to talk about 2 artists I really like: Mark Wilkinson and Tori Kelly. They're both pretty similar in terms of music style; they're both acoustic artists and have amazing songs.

     I discovered Mark Wilkinson through one of my Pandora stations and I love his music. I like how relaxing his songs are and the music is well-written. I don't think I have a favorite song from him because I love them all. His album is called Let the River Run and I highly recommend getting it or listening to it if you want to hear really good, relaxing music. I don't know too much about him, but I do know he's an Australian singer-songwriter and I'm definitely a fan of his.

     Tori Kelly is probably a recognizable name. She's one of the popular artists on YouTube and is known for her amazing range in vocals. She can hit some pretty crazy notes in her covers and original songs. I'll link her channel here.  Her album is called Foreword and I love all her songs. The ones I'm most obsessed with are All in My Head, Confetti, and Paper Hearts. They're also the only ones on her album that I can actually sing along to because she knows how to hit so many big notes (I can also sing along to Celestial but besides that, my voice can't hit the notes in all her other songs, haha). Shes also amazing at runs, they're always extremely clean. Overall, she's one of those amazing artists that should get more recognition, but then at the same time you don't want her to go too mainstream.

Oh, did I mention that she's extremely gorgeous too?

      Thank you so much for reading today's post! I hope you liked getting some more insight into what music I listen to. I'm an eclectic listener, so I love all types of music. Hope you're having an amazing day/afternoon/night and I'll see you tomorrow!

Annie ♥