Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Under a Little Reconstruction...

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     Hello lovelies, today I wanted to make an announcement. It's nothing too big; I've just been doing some thinking and I've decided to take a break from this blog for now. Why, you might ask?

     For one thing, I don't post consistently on this blog. I want to change that. I always have new ideas and I always want to post, but I don't get to it. My time management hasn't been too good lately either since school and other things have been taking up most of my time. Half the time, I feel like I'm putting together posts that are good, but not excellent. I guess what I'm trying to say that I don't feel like this blog is an accurate expression of myself and I could do so much better.

     I've also realized that I'm not satisfied with the appearance of my blog and I may possibly change the name to fit who I am more. I like the name I currently have, but I feel like it's not 100% me.

     Therefore, I think I should take some time off in order to rework how I want this blog to look and to possibly change the name, as well as spend some time making up quality ideas and creating quality content that I'm proud of.

      How long will this take? I'm aiming to reconstruct this blog within the next 2 to 3 weeks, but it might take longer. Blogging is something that I truly love, and in order to show that, I want to put in the necessary effort to make it look as good as possible, so I'm going to do my research. I want to learn HTML and SEO and read up on how to make my blog the best it can possibly be and to find out what would make my blog unique. In other words, I need to get my shit together and make this blog what I truly want it to be. So I hope you all can bear with me; I just want this space to be just as nice for you to visit as well as for me to look at every day. So thanks for reading and I'll see y'all in a few weeks!

Annie ♥

Monday, March 9, 2015

Motivational Monday: "The Best is Yet to Come"

    Hello lovelies! Welcome back to Motivational Monday! I haven't done one of these in a long time because I didn't feel like I was able to be very motivating, but I just wanted to share a quote I found a while back that helped me get through some tough times.

     I found this quote randomly sometime last year and it's been my lockscreen for a while now. I don't know, something about this quote just spoke to me. It made me realize that even if I was in a shitty situation at the moment, that it would get better. For example, if a person were feeling heartbroken about a relationship, he/she would probably realize that when they did find the right person, that it all happened for a reason, and that the best was just yet to come. Another example could be that if you feel like the place you're at right now is not where you want to be, then maybe it's because the best part hasn't arrived yet. It was uplifting for me to look at my phone from time to time and remind myself that even though I wasn't in a good place at the moment, that it would get better over time. After all, when you're young, there's so much left of life that we haven't experienced yet. And when you're going through a rough patch, it doesn't mean that you'll be stuck there forever. The best is yet to come.

      So hopefully if you're having a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, or even a bad year (anyone else  thinking of the Friends theme song haha?), you can look at this quote and feel a little better.

      Thanks for reading this post and I'll see you lovelies tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wishlist Wednesday: Vans Slip-ons!


     Hello lovelies, welcome back to Wishlist Wednesday! This week, I wanted to talk about some shoes I've been wanting for a while now. And let's go a little crazy with it too since it's my personal wishlist. If I could, I would love to have a collection of Vans slip-ons. I don't even know if they'd be comfortable for my foot type, but damn it, they all look so perfect, I want them all. Or at least these ones shown below.

buy here

Ah, the classic patent black slip-ons. The ones that look good with everything. I know that if I owned these, I'd probably wear them them all the time. Definitely the number one pair I want out of all of them without a doubt.

buy here

Can't forget a pair in my favorite color, haha.

buy here
This pair would be perfect to slip on whenever I need to feel a little more glam and put together.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Skin Deep: 5 Reasons to Include Green Tea in Your Beauty Routine

Source: Google Images, personally edited

     Hello lovelies! Today I wanted to talk about the benefits of using green tea on your skin. Drinking green tea itself is already associated with many health benefits such as boosting your metabolism, helping your immune system, assisting in weight loss, reducing the risk of certain diseases, and many other things, but did you know it's also beneficial for your hair and skin? The antioxidants in green tea have been shown to help fight free radicals, giving it possible anti-aging properties that will slow down the aging process and make you look younger. Here are 5 ways you can implement green tea into your beauty routine for healthy hair and skin.

1. Use it as a hair rinse.

     Depending on your preference, you can take green tea and water and use it to rinse your hair, either before or after you shampoo and condition your hair. This will help create shine, reduce dandruff, and give you healthier hair overall.

2. Make a green tea scrub.

     Use green tea leaves and a recipe for a scrub of your choice to create a gentle exfoliator for your skin. This will gently and naturally clean your face leaving it feeling soft and clean.

3. Make a green tea facial.

     Similar to making a scrub, you can mix ground tea leaves from a used tea bag and combine it with your favorite facial cleanser to create a mask to leave on your skin. I prefer to mix it with a face mask product so that it can pull even more dirt out of your face; you can read more about that through my post about green tea masks here. I've done this before and I was really happy with the results.

4. Reduce your eye bags and dark circles.

     Don't throw away your used tea bags just yet! Besides using it for a green tea facial mask, you can also place them on your eyes in order to reduce darkness around your eyes and puffiness. 

5. Use it as a toner.

     This can be done in two ways. The first method is by making green tea and storing it in the fridge. Then, taking a cotton ball, you can dip it in whenever you need to so that you can use it to tone your skin. The other method is by brewing green tea and then freezing them into ice cubes. That way, you can just reach for an ice cube when you need it to tone your face. Be careful about putting them directly on the skin immediately though; wait for it to melt a little so you don't accidentally burn your face.

     What else can green tea do? It has caffeine in it so it'll keep you awake without making you jittery like coffee does, it'll make your skin look healthier, add variety to your drinks instead of just drinking water, burn fat which helps with losing weight, improve brain function, prevent certain cancers, slow down aging with its anti-aging properties, help with bad breath, protect your skin from sun damage, boost your immune system, and more! What can't green tea do?
     So those are 5 ways that you can include green tea into your beauty routine! As you can see, green tea has health benefits in that it keeps your body healthy, but it can also help the exterior of your body to look good too. Of course, you have to work on the inside of your body to make the outside look good, but using natural products on your skin and hair will help as well.

     Thanks so much for reading today's post and I'll see you lovelies tomorrow!