Monday, March 10, 2014

Motivational Monday: Fitness!

     So I wanted to start a new series called Motivational Mondays! I'll be covering things from beauty, love, happiness, friends, etc. This week I wanted to start off my Motivational Mondays with fitness! Working out and being healthy is definitely one of my priorities in life and I thought I would find some pictures and quotes to get you started on your fitness goals if you haven't started yet!
     Lately I haven't had much time to work out, but I definitely plan on starting again soon. I think the important things to remember are that getting to your goal body won't happen from just one workout, that every body is different and we all lose weight/gain muscle differently, that what we eat is just as important as exercise (but let yourself indulge!), that "looking skinny" should not be one of the reasons why we might want to lose weight, and that it'll be worth it because there are so many benefits to being healthy.

Hope this was even just a little bit motivational & good luck!
Annie ♥

Monday, March 3, 2014

In 7 Days.

        Last week sucked, not going to lie. There were a lot of hard hits that made my week roll farther and farther downhill. And it wasn't just me. It felt like a lot of my friends went through a hard week too. Thankfully, there were some highs to my week, which I was extremely grateful for. I learned a few lessons in the last week. I guess a lot of things can happen in 7 days.
        I learned a little something about feelings last week. I remember writing in my journal a long, long time ago that I really wanted to fall in love one day. And I wanted to get my heart broken too. Now, who in their right mind would want to feel heartbreak? I guess it's just me, but I think it's a necessary part of life. No one's ever going to be able to go through their entire life without getting their heart broken at least once. I wanted to know what that felt like, no matter how much it hurt. And I did get to feel that in the last seven days. And I underestimated how much it would hurt. And after that, the mixture of feelings is something that can't be made up. It's so complex. Being heartbroken while trying to be okay in front of others and the frustration of not knowing what to do with yourself because your feelings are tiring you out and making you confused and wanting to give in to the sadness but not wanting to at the same time which leads to more frustration and wishing things had never happened so everything could go back to the way it was and then just being angry because this whole situation feels stupid now. It's extremely puzzling, especially if you're the one who's going through it. Everyone deals with heartbreak differently, so this is either relatable or not relatable depending on who you are. But maybe it is, hopefully it is. Because even though it's only been a week, I've come out of it stronger. The lesson I learned is that even though it hurts, it's going to be okay. I stumbled on the quote above and as painful as it is to hear at the moment, it relates to my situation personally and I know that it's the truth. Things won't be okay overnight; I'm completely sure there's still more ups and downs to come, but I realized I can do this.
        How did I come to the conclusion that I can do this? Through the support of my friends. Don't underestimate the power of friends. Friends come and go, but there are some that will stay in your life, and if you're lucky enough, they will become your best, closest friends that you can depend on for a long time. I'm lucky that there are certain people on my life that I can depend on and trust right now. They cheered me up this week and I'm so thankful for that. True friends will be there for you during the highs and the lows. They'll let you talk for as long as you want about whatever you want. They'll figure things out before you even tell them what's going on. They'll do whatever it takes to cheer you up. They'll put a smile on your face and make you laugh even when you feel like crap. They'll stay up all night to talk to you. Distance means nothing. And it goes on and on. It really helps to have friends, so make sure to think about each of your friends and know what they mean to you. And know which ones are true friends and which ones are just temporary acquaintances and then go from there.
        The last lesson I learned this week was that it's not always a big event that makes memorable and valuable. Sure, there are the important events in life, like a proposal, a wedding, a special birthday party, Christmas, etc., but it's the smaller moments that make you appreciate and enjoy life even more. Having a dance party while music is blasting in the car, singing karaoke at 12am, randomly going out with friends without knowing what's going to happen, chilling until 3am. Like that one saying goes, "No one remembers the nights where you got plenty of sleep." Even though there are times where all you want to do is curl up in a ball, cry, punch something, or other things, there are so many other things that make life worth it, and it doesn't take much to find that worth.
        Take a chance. Go somewhere new. Do something different. It's going to be okay.

Annie ♥

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Every Person Around You...

     Last night as I was walking through my college campus, I saw people walking to their evening classes. I saw two people sitting on a bench talking. I saw a few people socializing by the smoking area. I saw a man sitting alone on a bench. I saw some people walking along, chatting with their friends. And these thoughts filled my head...All of these people around me are all completely different people, with completely different backgrounds, and unimaginably different lives. Unimaginable because I didn't know anything about them. There was no way I could tell what they were going through in their lives. There was no way to figure out their situation, if they were having problems in their lives, or if they were in a good place at the moment. Sure, there was what you could see on the outside: clothes, posture, what they were carrying, maybe hearing a snippet of their conversation. But still, the clothes could've been a façade to what they were really going through, the conversation could've been part of a moment of their life that was going well or not so well, etc. There wasn't a way to tell.
     What if the two people on the bench liked each other? What if they didn't and were just good friends? What if they had just met that day or a few days ago? How did those people who were smoking meet? Did they just sit down next to each other and start a conversation? What made them start smoking? When did that group of friends meet each other? In college? In high school? Were they childhood friends? What did they have in common? Did they all meet through a club or some sort of social gathering? And the man who was alone, was he waiting for something or someone? What was he going to do afterwards? In a nutshell, who are all these people?
     We walk by all these people every single day and we only know some of them. And this doesn't just apply to college or school in general; it applies to life. How many strangers have we walked by that we don't even give a second thought to because "it's just a person you don't know" or you're "rushing to get somewhere" or you "just don't care." We have so many other things on our minds, why should we care about all these strangers around us? That's true, but guess what, maybe all these people have things on their mind too. Maybe they're even going through a harder time than you are. We all have a special biography, whether we think it's special or not. They're special because no one has had the same life experiences as you. Every single thing that has occurred in your life shaped you into who you are today. Every exact detail that happened to you didn't happen to anyone else. It's part of why you're an introvert or extrovert, why you have certain priorities, why you have certain beliefs, why you have the friends you do, why you're passionate about certain things, why you've become a little weaker at the moment or a little stronger, and why you do the things you do. Maybe it was a class you took. Maybe it was something someone said. Maybe it was a book you read or maybe it was an experience that unexpectedly happened. All the details in everyone's lives are different.
     I don't know where it came from and when it started happening but at some point in my life, I started thinking about others in the sense that you're not the only person in the world. Who knows what all these other people around you are going though? Every single person around you is going through something. I don't know why, but I always look at people now and think to myself, what's going in their lives? What's their life story? Because we're not the only people on this planet and the world doesn't solely revolve around us. Sometimes we need to take a step back and think about the other 7 billion people on this earth. It might sound untrue or self-centered to just make the generalized statement that all we care about is ourselves. But sometimes we get caught up in things and we do just care about ourselves. Every once in a while, we should observe the people around us and realize that we're not alone/it's not just us in the world. There are 7 billion unique people on this planet, and not just DNA-wise. Every person around you is completely different. Think about that.~
Annie ♥

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Place, Another Life.

      Have you ever decided that you would be a little different in a different place? That nobody knows you here so you can be anybody you want to be? Or maybe you're only in this place for one day or one week so it doesn't matter because you'll never see these people ever again?
     This place has given me a different life. A life of complete freedom. A life that holds responsibilities, yet the responsibilities are all independently mine. I can shed the shell of shyness and be a little more outspoken, say the things I wouldn't usually say, act a way I normally wouldn't act. And not in a negative way either; why mess up such a good thing? It's a new, clean slate. A new, fresh beginning. No wonder people always try to go somewhere they've never been and start over.
     In this new life, I've been able to use my head. I have to think things through in my mind before I make a choice because this is ultimately my life. No one else has control or input anymore. I have to use my head to get out of a sticky situation or to think up a brilliant idea. I have to think up my own fun with friends and actually act on them. I have to use my head to increase my intelligence which will ultimately move me forward in life and create success. My success. Because I used my head. I have to use my head to get what I want for my life. Because it's all mine.
     In this new life, I've been able to open my heart. I've met people who have proven time after time that they're there for me, that we're all here for each other. Even in my moments of distrust of everyone, they make it hard not to trust. Only time will tell how strong the bonds are, but right now, it feels as strong as ever. I've been able to open my heart to enjoy new experiences. To do things I never thought I would enjoy or even do in the first place. I've been able to open my heart to a new perspective on love. And not in the cheesy, "I know what it's like to be in love now, omg."  No, it's more like the feeling of caring about others. That good feeling inside when you do a good deed. That good feeling inside with someone special. That good feeling with people who make you feel happy. That good feeling knowing that you're taking care of yourself and doing a good job. It feels nice.
     In this new life, I've been able to live. And it makes me happy. Happiness can sometimes be short lived but never stop trying to find it. Don't just let it find you; make it for yourself. You're in control of your happiness. Whether it's taking care of yourself, doing something you've always wanted to do, or following your dreams, make sure you're happy. Because there are many emotions, but the best one is happiness. Don't waste your time waiting for it. Go get it. You got this.

Annie ♥

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wishlist Week: Shoes!

     Hello lovelies! Today is the last part of my Wishlist Week, and it's about shoes! I'm a huge fan of shoes; I think my main obsessions are tops, necklaces, and shoes. :) It just sucks that sometimes shoes are uncomfortable, but otherwise I still love them, haha. Here are some shoes that I think look so gorgeous that I wish I had.
     So those are the shoes that I've found online that I love right now! :) And that concludes my Wishlist Week! This wishlist is a combination of all the things I wish I could own right now; you can purchase anything from the wishlist I made this entire week with the links I put with each item. Just keep in mind that all these items are things I wish I could own; some of these items are definitely expensive or on the high end side, but that's why it's on my wishlist, haha. Anyways, I'll probably continue doing this, but as a weekly thing. :) Hope you enjoyed my posts! :)
Annie ♥



Friday, January 17, 2014

Wishlist Week: Bags!

     Hello lovelies! Today is part 6 of my Wishlist Week; it's almost over! Let's look at bags today. :) Whether large or small, bags are definitely a necessity for almost all women out there. Sometimes my tomboy side kicks in and desperately wishes I could just put everything I need in my pockets, but us women need to carry so many things, haha. So here are some of my top picks for bags right now! :)

So there you go; these are bags I would love to have at the moment! Hope you enjoyed my post & I'll see you guys for the last part of my Wishlist Week tomorrow! :)
Annie ♥

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wishlist Week: Outerwear!

     Hello lovelies! Today's post in my Wishlist Week will be about outerwear! :) Even though there's not really a need for extra layers where I live at the moment, I still wanted to make this post because one, almost everywhere else is cold and two, I love outerwear. Layering is so much fun and I'm so sad that it's too warm to do that right now. So here are some jackets/coats/cardigans I wish I owned.

There are 2 versions of this jacket, in black and this gray color below, but since I personally own a black leather jacket already, I would buy this one (while secretly wanting the black one too).
I own a blue and gray version of this from Forever 21, but I would love to have this jacket; the satiny material looks so dreamy. Plus varsity jackets have such a chill vibe and are definitely a trend for me, they go with so many outfits.
Tribal prints are still a trend and they lend an interesting and unique look to outfits.

Hope you enjoyed part 5 of my wishlist! See you tomorrow for part 6! :)
Annie ♥