Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Style Inspiration: Back-to-School Outfits for High School!

     Hello lovelies! For today's post, we're going to talk back-to-school outfits. For a lot of us, we think of a new school year as a way to make an impression of the "new you." Maybe you cut or dyed your hair, maybe your style went from girly to grunge (or vice versa), maybe you lost weight and/or got super ripped, or maybe you've got a new makeup look to show off. Whatever it is, for some reason, we feel the need to dress up for the first day of school. And maybe the first week. And then we all go back to being lazy, or at least most of us do, for the rest of the year. So for those of you who are looking for inspiration on what to wear for your first day of school, here are some ideas!

Note: Many schools enforce dress code, so if you can't wear some of these outfits, don't break the school rules; just modify them. If you can't wear short shorts, wear jeans. If you can't wear a crop top, find a normal length shirt or high-waisted bottoms. These outfits are just for inspiration, you don't have to copy them. Feel free to add your own take on these outfits and be yourself!

You could wear a dress for your first day of school back if you feel like being dressy and girly. Of course, you should have a bigger bag or a backpack for school. And if your school doesn't allow you to wear sandals, you can switch them out for flats or sneakers.
I love this collage of outfits. I think all these tank tops are super cute and I love the shoes that go with all of them. Tank tops are loose, comfortable, and give off a carefree vibe that make you look like you didn't try too hard. If your school doesn't allow you to wear tank tops, you can wear a cardigan over them.

This shirt is pretty cool. Even though it has cutouts, it wouldn't break dress code because it's still a t-shirt style top and the belt and shorts together pull the outfit together while still looking casual.

This is a super cute ensemble, although it might be a little too revealing for some schools. I would like to wear this for my first day of school because I think it's sophisticated because of the form-fitting skirt and causal at the same time because of the cotton tank. You can always opt for a t-shirt and a longer skirt.

These two outfits are also a bit dressed up but casual as well. The denim tank paired with the black high-waisted shorts and flats are a classic look, while the white, flowy tank with floral shorts and Converse are a dressed-down outfit, yet still put together.

This is a perfect outfit for the first day of school if you're laidback and easygoing. It's a simple white tank with denim shorts and a necklace to spruce it up. It won't take too much effort to throw on in the morning so you'll be out the door quickly and on time for school.

These outfits are definitely for the girls who like to play dress-up. The blouses, skirts, dress, and oxfords scream preppy. Super adorable and put-together for the girls who like to put in a little more effort and are also the people who are most likely to continue dressing up throughout the school year. If I had this type of wardrobe, I'd dress up every day too.

This is what I mean abut the power of a cardigan. Since crop tops can be a bit revealing and high-waisted shorts might be a little too short, a cardigan can save your outfit from showing a little too much. Plus, they're perfect for schools that don't have super warm weather like California or other places. But you might have to wear longer shorts if your dress code is too strict.

These ensembles are also great for schools that start with cooler weather. The first outfit even layers a top, flannel, and cardigan. The second outfit warms up a crop top and circle skirt with a cardigan as well. Of course, if where you live is even colder, you can switch the shorts for jeans and add tights to your skirt.

These last outfits are classic and "tumblr-inspired" with high-waisted shorts and cardigans. They're good for weather that isn't too cold or warm since there aren't any heavy layers.

Need a video?

This is my current favorite back-to-school outfits video; I think every outfit is so perfect and wearable for school, so check it out!

     So that's it for my back-to-school inspired looks for high school! Remember that any of these outfits can be modified to fit your school's rules and you don't have to copy any of these outfits; they're just for inspiration. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I'll see you lovelies tomorrow for the next part of this series!

Annie ♥

Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School Essentials Part 1: High School!

     So it's that time of year again...*whispers* Back to school...Summer isn't even close to coming to an end  yet but your vacation is. And sadly we all have to head back to school. Unless you graduated college already, then you're pretty freaking lucky. I go back to school in exactly 2 weeks, and honestly I'm a little excited for it, but I'll tell you why next week when I do the college edition of this back-to-school series.

     So for the first part of this series, I thought I would begin with the essentials you're going to need for school this year, specifically high schoolers. I don't know about you, but shopping for school supplies is definitely a lot more fun than actually going to school. And because it's so much fun, we're susceptible to buying much more than we really need. So here's my list of the absolute essentials you should have when school starts.

Note: Depending on the school you go to, the list of school supplies are probably different and some schools probably make it mandatory to have certain items. But these are what I think are the basic necessary things you need for school.

Loose-leaf paper is probably one of the top things you need for school, for assignments and taking notes and whatever else you might need. Back-to-school sales can make loose-leaf paper as inexpensive as one or ten cents a pack.


Pencils and pens are pretty important for school. Don't you hate it when the same person is always asking to borrow a pencil or pen? Depending on your school, you can probably use mechanical pencils or you'll have to use wooden pencils. And the same goes with pens; depending on your school, you could probably use any pen or you might have to stick with one type of pen.

 Notebooks are a good idea if you don't want to use separate folders or binders. Notebooks are a lot more secure than folders since they usually hold loose paper and they're less bulkier than carrying separate binders. You'll be less likely to lose your papers and they'll be easier to carry. Also if you have some extra time on your hands, you can do cool DIY designs like these.

Don't forget a pencil pouch! There's plenty of styles to pick from to hold all your pens, pencils and other things. You can buy ones that go into binders or ones like these. You'll never forget your writing utensils as long as you don't forget to throw this in your bag.

You'll definitely need a binder or two for school, so why settle for the plain, solid-colored ones? I know in high school, everything seems to have to be on point, even your school supplies. So pick out something like these binders so you'll look cool and still have all your things. I personally do go for the plain, heavy duty ones because I can be boring like that sometimes, but I do love these binders. Depending on your school's requirements, you may have to have one or more binders for your class if they don't want you using notebooks. I like to use my binder to hold the most important things from every class. Let's just say that if I were to lose my binder, I'd probably panic because it'll have things like homework assignments, syllabi, etc. It's just my personal way of keeping things organized. Teachers may say they want you to use a 2 inch binder, but from my experience in high school, the largest size you'll ever need is a 1.5 inch binder.

Dividers are so helpful for school, especially the ones with pockets. They'll help you divide up your 5 or 6 classes you might have throughout the day and keep you organized. I still use mine now for college and I love them. You can keep your syllabi in there, homework assignments for each class, and handouts you might need to refer to later on in the year.

A planner is ideal for school to keep track of homework assignments, tests, and projects. Your school probably gives them out for free at the beginning of the year, but if not, there's plenty to choose from at school supply stores such as Office Max, Office Depot, Walmart, and Target.

In college, I've seen most people revert to backpacks because it's easier to hold everything especially since you're really on the go, but last time I checked, high schoolers still seem to like using bags. I like using bags from time to time as well since I still have a couple from high school. This one is from H & M and it is a bit of a mature taste, but this is what I liked in high school. I would love to own this bag as well. A bag or a backpack is perfect to throw all your stuff in as you go about your 6-hour school day.

     So what's optional? Highlighters, a mini stapler, index cards, a ruler, tabs, dividers, and the list goes on and on. You could bring these things if you want so you'll be extra prepared, but they're not necessary. A must though: WATER! I don't know why, but so many people never bring water to school. Hello? It's at least a 6 hour day, which is 6 hours that you won't have water with you unless you buy them at the snack bar at lunch or drink from the dirty water fountain. So bring your water and stay hydrated! :)

     So that's it for the first part of my series; I hope you all enjoyed it and it prepares you a little more for school, whether you're starting your first year of high school or going into your third. Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you tomorrow lovelies!

Annie ♥

Friday, August 8, 2014

Instagram Lately + Week Recap (Lots of Announcements!)

     Hello lovelies! Today it's time for Instagram Lately and a week recap! My life has changed pretty dramatically in the last week; I'm literally living a new lifestyle and I'm so excited to finally tell you about it in this post.

Instagram Lately

     Let's start with Instagram Lately. I haven't done this in a while because I haven't posted too much here so let's go back more than just one week. 

     A few weeks ago, I did my first cover in several months. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I mentioned it on my weekly playlist post a couple weeks ago and I posted it on my social media. You can check out my video here, so click on the link to watch! I did mention in my July Favorites post that my camera is currently not in the best shape so I'm not sure if I'll be filming any more videos on it. But I will be working on that situation and learning more covers at the same time so when I do start posting videos again, they'll go up quickly and efficiently.

     This Instagram post came from a Makeup Monday photoshoot I did a couple weeks ago. It was about the red lip and you can find that post here. I just really liked these two photos and it was different than the typical smiling/try to be sexy selfies that people post on IG. 

     This photo stemmed from a going-away present my friend Xiomara gave me. It was a watercolor stencil of my name and handmade earrings as well as a letter. I was so touched by this because I totally didn't expect to get anything like this and I think it's so gorgeous, I can't wait to hang it up.

     Just a few days ago, I took a trip to 1000 Steps Beach in Laguna with my ate (which means big sister in Tagalong) Eden, and it was super nice. We got to catch up and see a really nice place. It was a secluded beach and there was basically only sand and the waves. There weren't too many people because we came later in the afternoon, but that made it even more peaceful. There were beautiful homes right by the beach and overall, it was a really nice location. The steps going back up were killer though. They don't call it 1000 Steps Beach for nothing! I wouldn't recommend this beach if you hate working out your legs or find it hard to go up and down stairs because there were a lot of them.

Wanna follow me on Instagram? My username is @anniesays_lalala or you can click on the link at the top of my website or click here.

Week Recap

     Now let's move on to the week recap! I did a lot this week so I thought I would share it with you.

     So first off: I MOVED!

     Yes, I moved out of my house with my family into an apartment. Last year, I dormed on campus at my school but this year, I'll be living in an apartment with 2 of my friends. I want to say that one day I'll move back with my family because it is still quite early in my college career, but I may end up visiting from now on *bittersweet feeling.* I moved last Saturday and unpacked everything that day. I have this thing where I have to unpack everything on the first day or else it'll never get done so that's what I spent my Saturday doing. I was so exhausted because I unpacked my room, the bathroom, and the kitchen. In total, I was probably unpacking for 6 or 7 hours with some breaks in between. It sounds a bit mental, but I seem to have this ability to work for long hours and barely stopping in between. So after I did that, I basically knocked out. I wanted to go out, but I was way too tired for that.

     On Monday, I went out for KBBQ with three of my friends. I was so excited because it was the first human interaction I had outside outside my apartment besides a couple of my friends visiting and my roommate. I wanted to Instagram going out to KBBQ, but sometimes it's much better to put the phone away and enjoy the company of friends. We also stopped by Frostbites, where our friend who worked there served us. Afterwards, I hung out at my friend's apartment and caught up with him.

     On Tuesday, I went to 1000 Steps Beach, as you saw from the Instagram picture above. I went with my ate Eden and we had a really nice time. Afterwards, we stopped at this Thai food place for dinner called Laguna Thai and it was DELICIOUS. Like seriously, our taste buds had an orgasm. I ordered the pad thai and my ate ordered something else. The pad thai was delicious, but to be honest, if I ever come back, I'm ordering what my ate had, because it was even better, haha. I also didn't take a picture of our food here because I just wanted to enjoy the meal and conversing with my ate. Plus, we were starving. We got there at around 7 PM and didn't leave until 9 PM. The wait was very long. It's a small restaurant by the beach and the food was good so maybe it was worth the wait, but if you're an impatient person or are in a rush, I wouldn't recommend going here. We waited an hour for our food and an older couple that came after us got their food first and left before us so that was unsettling. Otherwise, we both enjoyed our food. Here are some pictures I did take of this day:

     I really do consider the beach as my second home and one of my favorite places to go to, so I can't wait for more beach trips. I really want to visit Venice Beach one day!

     And now here we are. I haven't done much for the rest of this week, but I was really excited to write this post, probably because of my love for photography. I plan to do more of these in the future and if I do, I want to take more pictures for you to see what I've been up to. I don't claim to have an interesting life, but when fun things do happen, I want to be able to share it here. :)

     So that's it for my post today! I do have some announcements/updates to tell you about. Since I am in a new place, I may or may not be able to film new videos for a while. This is also due to my camera problems, as I talked about in the beginning of my post. When you do see new videos and outfit posts, they'll be in a new location. Another note is that a new Dishin' It Out post is coming, but I'm warning you now the pictures aren't the best. At the moment I'm living on paper plates and bowls and I'm just starting out on cooking my own meals from scratch, so sorry if the food doesn't look so great. But I can tell you it all tastes good though! And my last announcement is that next week, I'm doing a back-to-school series. It'll last either one or two weeks, so if you're heading back to school soon, be on the lookout for next week's posts! Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading this and I'll see you lovelies next week!

Annie ♥

Thursday, August 7, 2014

In Depth Review: The Tweezerman Deluxe Eyelash Curler

     Hello lovelies, today I thought I would do a review for you all. I don't remember the last time I did a review; I think I've only done it once, so it's about time to do another one. Today, I'll be reviewing the Tweezerman Deluxe Eyelash Curler.

     Before I get into the review, I do want to tell you what type of eyelashes I have. My lashes are short and grow straight. They're not necessarily sparse, but they're nowhere near lush and plentiful either. My bottom lashes are almost nonexistent so you'll rarely see me apply mascara on the bottom. I have been using the same mascara consistently for probably the last year or 2. I find that Maybelline mascaras work the best for me because most of them have a drier formula which is good for thin lashes such as mine. I'm currently using the Maybelline Colossal mascara, and I find it really works to give me volume and a bit of length. So as you can see, the only different thing in my routine was this new eyelash curler.

     Did it work? Yes, it did. When I first took this curler out of the box, I found it hard to put my thumb and index finger through the handles of the eyelash curler. My fingers aren't even that chubby, so if you do have chubbier hands, this might be a struggle for you. However, when it came to curling my lashes, it did an amazing job. I did pinch my lashline the first couple times I tried to curl my lashes, but I didn't rip any lashes out or anything. After I got the hang of it, everything was fine. It was probably the shape of the eyelash curler, so I just adjusted how I placed the curler on my lashes to avoid the pinching.

     How did my lashes look? I love a really curled look, especially since I don't have long lashes, so they have to be really curled if I want them to be visible. Sometimes they do look creased because I apply too much pressure on my lashes and squeeze too hard, but most of the time, I can create a really nice curl for my eyelashes.

     What happened when I applied mascara? Mascara application was fine; my eyelashes held the curl and I didn't need to curl again. After putting on mascara, my lashes stayed the same all day long and looked really nice. I've never seen them look so good. Honestly, I think this curler really helped my lashes look the best they've ever looked; it really surprised me how well it worked.

     Was it worth it money-wise? I think so. There are some kinks to work out at the beginning when you first use it, but that's basically getting used to a new curler. I've only used one eyelash curler that just wouldn't give me the curl I wanted. This eyelash curler gives you that lift and curl fast, without squeezing too hard, and my curl lasts all the day long. I bought mine at Target for around $12-$14, so it is a bit pricey for a drugstore eyelash curler, but I think it's worth the money.

     Does it do what it says? Kind of. It claims to create "an intense curl without ever creasing lashes" and "won't pinch...lashes." To be honest, it did pinch my lashes and sometimes it did crease my lashes, but maybe it depends on the person and their lashes. That was my personal experience though. I could see people with nice lashes getting a really good curl from this product. It also comes with 3 refill pads and one already in the eyelash curler so in total, you have 4, which is a lot better than other eyelash curlers since there's usually only 1 refill pad.

Creates a long lasting curl
Made my lashes look really good
Less expensive than higher end brands such as Shu Uemura
Looks to be well made
Comes with several refill pads

A little difficult to hold
Did pinch my lashes in the beginning
Can crease lashes if you apply too much pressure
A bit expensive for a drugstore eyelash curler

     So would I recommend this eyelash curler? Yes! Even though it's a bit pricey for a drugstore product, it's cheaper than higher end brands and is well-made. I think this eyelash curler will last me for a long time, especially with the refill pads. Since I don't have to apply too much pressure onto my lashes, the pads will probably last a long time too. They're easy to clean and are firmer than other pads I've seen on eyelash curlers. My lashes curl easily and last all day and night with this and I'm so happy with how my eyes look after using this product. It's honestly probably the best eyelash curler I've used on my eyes.

     So hopefully you enjoyed this review and it was helpful in explaining the pros and cons of this eyelash curler. Maybe you're on the fence getting this eyelash curler. If your lashes are anything like mine or even if you have great lashes, I hope this helped make up your mind on whether to get it or not (*whispers* get it...haha.). Thank you so much for reading today's post and I'll see you lovelies tomorrow! Muah!

Annie ♥